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Whitney Coker

"The Folksy Farmer"

The Folksy Farmer started as a way to document a passionate dive into sustainability and agriculture. Whitney Coker who is the owner and operator of The Folksy Farmer, has always had an interest in these things since she was a child. As an adult she returned to exploring her natural draw for plants, animals, and simple earth centered living. She pursued deeper education on the subjects by obtaining certification in Permaculture Design, becoming a Master Gardener, and gaining hands on experience through farm internships. She has found mental, physical, and spiritual revelation in exposure to fresh foods through soil stewardship, animal husbandry, and eco-conscious living.
Now her calling is to share this becoming experience with others and help them achieve their goals.

Giving Back

10% of profits will go to support discounted/free services or the support of other organizations working on earth conscious initiatives. Services can include guidance and education, design, or install of projects.  The desire is to deepen support in BIPOC communities, that have been underserved in access to healthy food and lifestyle choices. Sharing this knowledge and experiences will provide the foundation to achieve food sovereignty and inspire healthy and sustainable lifestyles that was previously not attainable.

If you feel so inclined to support the Folksy Farmer and our giving initiative, we would be most thankful for any donations! Blessings to you!

The Folksy Farmer: About

Garden Design Gallery

Spring Plant Map
Backyard Concept
Phase 2 Plant Map
Phase 1 Plant Map
Home Concept Analysis
Pallet Cucumber Trellis
North Facing Plant Map
Bed Frame Bean Trellis
Community Garden Box Concept
The Folksy Farmer: Portfolio
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